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Discover the Top 5 Coffee Shops in Cape Town for Coffee Lovers

5 Best Coffee Shops in Cape Town

If you’re in Cape Town, the Mother City, for a while and want to experience the local coffee shop culture? Well, you’re certainly spoiled for choice. Cape Town’s coffee culture is alive and thriving, making up a popular yet niche side to the colourful city. From steampunk-inspired gems and moody cafés perfect for Cape Town’s rainy days to no-nonsense roasteries – there’s something for everyone all within close distance of O’Two Boutique Hotel.

1. Truth Coffee

Truth Coffee is an obvious but necessary starting point for a list of the best coffee shops in Cape Town. The shop hosts an enticing scene of retro-futuristic metal pipes and old machinery that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tim Burton movie. The steampunk-inspired coffee shop, designed by Haldane Martin, is located on Buitekant Street, a cultural hub of the city where you can find various other attractions and restaurants, such as the District Six Museum. However, Truth Coffee is not just an Instagrammable venue – it was voted the world’s best coffee shop twice in a row by London’s The Daily Telegraph. But, of course, you don’t get that type of achievement twice by making mediocre coffee, so expect something extraordinary.

2. Jason Bakery

Jason Bakery, originally on Bree Street and now in Green Point (a stone’s throw from the O’Two Hotel), is an urban and trendy coffee shop that seeks to attract lovers of all things baked and brewed. Don’t be fooled by its aesthetic, though – Jason Bakery is an unpretentious yet hip choice for all coffee lovers. Their food is sublime, and Jason Bakery is known for its ‘doughssant,’ a doughnut-croissant hybrid filled with a new flavour every week and is sure to make your tastebuds melt (if you can get one before they sell out!) However, don’t count out their coffee. Their import roast from Nicaragua is something special.

3. Rosetta Roastery

Originally located in an unashamedly hip part of Cape Town, the Woodstock Exchange, and now in Salt River, is yet another internationally acclaimed coffee shop. Rosetta Roastery was featured in Buzzfeed’s 25 Coffee Shops Around the World You Have to See Before You Die back in 2014. Fortunately, the title still holds up. It boasts a wide range of single-origin coffee, with beans sourced from South and Central America, Africa, and Asia. Coffee lovers enjoy Rosetta’s minimalist atmosphere and concentration on the earnest art of making a good cup of coffee. In addition to a roastery, Rosetta has opened a café on Bree Street and a coffee bar in the Silo District at the V&A Waterfront.

4. Haas Collective

If normal coffee shops are too lightweight for you, you should seriously consider trying Haas Collective. Located on Buitekant Street, Haas Collective’s Black Insomnia is regarded as the strongest coffee in the world. However, their signature Haas Blend is a firm favourite if you feel for a more muted brew. But don’t think ‘muted’ means less enjoyable – their coffee is brewed using single-stock origin beans imported from various locations worldwide, such as Brazil and Ethiopia. In addition, the shop itself is something to marvel at. The decor and design are elegant yet welcoming, reflecting much of Cape Town, and the atmosphere is sure to improve your day.

5. Origin Coffee Roasters

The fittingly named Origin Coffee Roasters is considered to be the coffee shop that started it all – it was the first independent roaster in Cape Town and kickstarted the city’s love for coffee. Origin is a hub for coffee devotees with its ethically sourced coffee beans. In fact, the coffee shop is said to have preferential relationships with coffee
farmers around the world. Based in De Waterkant, Origin is almost a second home to numerous writers, students, travellers and families. In other words, it’s a coffee shop that coffee lovers love. The menu may be difficult for a coffee novice to understand, but the knowledgeable staff members are ready to help you navigate the blends and find your perfect choice.

Don’t Limit Yourself

This list shows just five of the best coffee shops in Cape Town. However, Cape Town is synonymous with its thriving artisan coffee culture and has many hidden gems on par with the coffee shops listed above. The perfect cup may be elusive at first, but Cape Town is sure to be the city that provides it.

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