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We wish to inform you that there may be construction work taking place near our hotel from 1 May 2023 to 1 April 2024. We apologise for any noise disturbances which you may experience during this time.

Despite the possibility of construction work, we assure you our team is fully committed to providing you with the best possible experience during the course of your stay with us. For more information or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. Please note that the cancellation policy you booked on your reservation will still apply as reserved.

Terms & Conditions

Hotel Reservation Policy

Non refundable (30 day cancellation) – excepting for peak periods
Flexible (3 days free cancellation) – free cancellation 3 daybed prior to arrival – excepting for peak periods

*Peak Periods – Non refundable
15 December – 15 January
5 February – 12 February
29 March – 7 April




Please note that specials or promotions that state “valid for a limited time only” may end at any time and will without prior notice to clients.

Specials / promotions and discounts will NOT be given to clients once ended.

Please kindly email / call or ask our receptionist for any current specials.


Please be sure to contact us should you wish to cancel your treatment. Remember, even last-minute calls are appreciated. Better late than never.

Should a client be late for a booking, the treatment time will be reduced. Please call us if you’re running late

Clients who don’t contact us and do not arrive within 15 mins of booking, the booking will be counted as a cancellation. Should the client eventually arrive, the client will be treated as a walk-in and will then be subject to availability.​

NB: Clients who are not enjoying a treatment are to advise the therapist within the first 15mins of the treatment. This will allow us to possibly change the type of treatment/ therapist or simply stop treatment.

If a client advises that the treatment was not to their expectation and as a result are unhappy – BUT continued for the full duration of the treatment, will be liable to pay for their treatment. Discounts may be given at the discretion of the Manager.


Please specify what it is that you expect from your treatment upon arrival.​

All treatments are done at the client’s own risk. By entering our treatment rooms you are agreeing to the nature of treatments.

​It is each client’s responsibility to make the therapist AND receptionist aware of any preferences/ injuries/illnesses and pregnancy.

​NB: if you are pregnant, please advise us when booking in order for us to advise whether the treatment will be safe or not.

We DO NOT offer treatments to women in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy.​

We offer strictly professional massages.

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